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GSA reports 155% growth in LTE user devices in under 6 months

July 29, 2011: An update to the ‘Status of the LTE Ecosystem’ report published today by the GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) confirms that 45 manufacturers have announced 161 LTE-enabled user devices, representing 155% growth in the number of products reported by GSA in early February 2011.

The report lists each user device by manufacturer, model and form factor, and operating frequencies and covers both FDD and TDD modes of LTE. [continues after image]

Most devices are designed to ensure ubiquitous mobile broadband coverage by supporting existing mobile network technologies – i.e. dual mode working. The report indicates for each device where complementary modes are supported e.g. HSPA, HSPA+ and/or EV-DO and TD-SCDMA as appropriate, in addition to the LTE mode.

Around 100 products support LTE and HSPA (or HSPA+) modes.

Alan Hadden, President of GSA, said: “The majority of LTE user devices are focused on the 700 MHz band where LTE networks and services are developing fastest. As LTE network rollouts accelerate in other regions, particularly in Europe and Asia Pacific where operators will primarily be using 2600 MHz, 1800 MHz and digital dividend spectrum, we expect manufacturers will quickly follow in support with products for those markets.”

Breakdown of 161 LTE user devices by form factor:

  • Modules = 29
  • Tablets = 8
  • Notebooks/netbooks = 10
  • PC Cards = 2
  • Smartphones = 8
  • Routers including personal hotspots = 63
  • USB modems (dongles) = 41

The GSA report ‘Status of the LTE Ecosystem’ (July 29, 2011) is available as a free download to registered site users via the link at
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LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever. According to a related recent GSA report (Evolution to LTE report – July 6, 2011) there are 218 operators in 81 countries currently investing in LTE. 166 operators are firmly committed to deploy commercial LTE systems in 62 countries, with a further 52 “pre-commitment” technology trials or pilot networks under evaluation in an additional 19 countries. 24 operators were reported to have commercially launched LTE networks at that time.

Numerous charts, maps etc. confirming the progress of mobile broadband development including LTE are available at


GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) represents GSM/EDGE/WCDMA-HSPA/LTE suppliers, providing reports, facts, analysis and information explaining market developments and trends. GSA-organized seminars facilitate enhanced dialog between operators, members and developer communities.

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